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Baby's Belly Tea
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Indicated Use: Baby's Belly Tea Blend for babies promotes the well-being of your baby, ensures calm days and nights by relieving discomfort of the stomach. Suitable for newborns. 100% natural.

Ingredients: Bitter Fennel (Foeniculi Amari Fructus), Chamomile Flower (Matricariae Flos)

Directions: Place one teabag into a teacup, pour 2-2,5dl of hot water from the kettle into the cup, cover it and wait for three to five minutes to let tea steep. Season to taste. For ages 0-6months one cup daily, for ages 6months – 3 years two or three cups of tea a day.

Storage: Below 25°C at a clean and dry place.

Warning: Pay attention to the varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle!

Made of the most precious part of the herb. Does not contain caffeine.