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Detox Plus Tea Blend
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Indicated Use: This tea blend is used as part of a detoxification or purification treatment. The components of this tea have diuretic and ureteral antiseptic effects (goldenrod, lyme-grass, nettle leaf). Diuretic effect speeds the process of detoxification of the body. Elder-blossom has a sudorific effect and dandelion aids digestion. Pleasant flavour and odour of the tea blend are provided by leaves of blackcurrant and peppermint, while hibiscus flower gives its color.

Directions: Put 1-2 bags of tea blend into 2,5 dl boiling water; then leave it for 20 minutes. It is recommended to be drunk without flavoring, 3-5 times daily depending on body weight. Use for no longer than 4 weeks as a cure.

Ingredients: Goldenrod Flowering Top (Solidaginis Herba), Elder Flower (Sambuci Flos), Couch Grass Rhizome (Graminis Rhizoma), Dandelion Root (Taraxaci Officinalis Herba Cum Radice), Blackcurrant Leaf (Ribis Nigri Folium), Nettle Leaf (Urticae Folium), Hibiscus Flower Sepals (Hibisci Sabdariffae Flos), Peppermint Leaf (Menthae Piperitae Folium)

Patient Information Leaflet

Main contraindications: Cardiac and renal insufficiency, cholecystitis, obstruction of bile duct or intestinal obstruction with obstipation, cholelithiasis.

Components of 1 filter of the Detoxification tea blend:  Its active substances: golden-rod, elder-blossom, root of lyme-grass, dandelion with added root (1:1),  blackberry leaf, nettle leaf.

Other ingredients:  hibiscus flower, peppermint leaves.

When is it recommended to use Detoxification tea blend?
Tea blend is recommended to run a so called "purification therapy" mainly in Spring in order to assist rendering of residue gathered in the body and stop its further accumulation.

When is it contraindicated to use Detoxification tea blend?
It is contraindicated in patients with cholecystitis, bile duct or intestinal obstruction or cholelithiasis.

If you take diuretic medicine (due to cardiac or renal insufficiency) do not drink the tea blend!

What should you know before starting drinking of the tea blend?
If you are under medical treatment please inform your physician about the consumption of the tea.

Is the product recommended for use by children?
Children can use it only above the age of 14.

Is it recommended to use Detoxification tea blend together with other medicinal products?
If you are under medicinal treatment consult your physician as the product may affect the absorption or excretion of other medications.

Is it recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women?
Since no clinical trial results are available in such circumstances, the tea blend is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

How should the Detoxification tea blend be used?
Put 2 filters of tea blend into a cup of 2,5 dl boiling water, and boil it for another minute; then leave it for 15-20 minutes covered. It is recommended to be drunk without flavoring.

What is the recommended dose?
3-5 cups daily for adults.

What are the side effects of the product?
There is no information known that would refer to any side effects. But it you find any side effect that does not stop within a short time, discontinue application of the tea blend and consult your physician.

How long should the Detoxification tea blend be applied?
It should be used for longer than 3 months as a therapy. Between cures take a break of at least 1 month.

How should Detoxification tea blend be stored?
Store at room temperature (15-25 °C), in a dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children!

How long Detoxification tea blend be used?
Use only before expiry date indicated on the package.

Packaging unit: 25 filters per pack