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Ideal Weight Tea Blend
content 25x1g FORM

Indicated Use: Combination of six herbs, with mate and green tea. The tea mixture is combining the advantageous properties of mate and green tea. The consumption can support the formulation of healthy life style. By the consumption of the delicious tea you can also ensure the sufficient liquid consumption (2-3 litres daily) during your diet. By the combination of our tea mixture we have applied the so called Burgh Law which says that: „if we expediently combine different herbs of same effects (so called herb-association), we reach a stronger effect then applying these herbs individually”.

Directions: Place one teabag in a cup of hot water(200 ml). Give 5-10 minutes to seethe. We suggest to consume 4-5 caps daily. The tea has a nice flavor in itself, but it can be flavored also.

Ingredients: Goldenrod Flowering Top (Solidaginis Herba), Green Tea Leaf (Thea Folium), Mate Leaf (Mate Folium), Nettle Leaf (Urticae Folium), Couch Grass Rhizome (Graminis Rhizoma), Peppermint Leaf (Menthae Piperitae Folium)

Net weight: 25 g /25 pcs of 1 g tea blend.

Storage:below 25 °C, at a dry place, away from light. Keep out of the reach of children.

Warning: In case of hypersensitivity/allergy to any of the ingredients stop consumption of the tea. In the case of taking medicines before using  the tea please consult your physician. The product is not recommended for children under the age of 14, for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Do not use the tea blend longer then 3 month. Keep 1-2 weeks of interval between two regimens. The tea does not replace a balanced and varied diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

100% natural combination.