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Inno Rheuma Tea Blend
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Indicated Use: Consumption of the tea blend is recommended for relieving chronic rheumatic disorders. It has a slight diuretic effect; it relieves symptoms of gout and joint inflammation.

Directions: Put 2 filters of tea blend into 2,5 dl boiling water; boil for 2-3 minutes and then leave it for  5-10 minutes to steep. It can be drunk in the morning or in the evening. At the same time (no longer than 6 weeks) it is recommended to apply Inno Rheuma bath oil in the evening bath, and then to rub Inno Rheuma massage oil or Inno Rheuma cream in the aching parts of the body.

Ingredients: Rosemary leaf, nettle leaf, horsetail, dandelion root, organic and inorganic acids, polyphenols and volatile oils.

Warning: The following side-effects may occur: pyrosis, obstipation. Discontinue application at once in case of noticing any side effect. Your physician should be informed about the consumption of the tea. Keep the tea blend away from the reach of children!

Packaging unit: 25 filter per pack