Traditionally innovative solutions from Europe
Antispasmodic and Anti-bloating Tea Blend

Administration of the mixed tea is recommended in order to relieve stomach and intestinal spasms, to decrease generation of bile gas as well as to relieve evacuation of bile gas (to decrease gas) and to improve digestion.

Cold Relief Tea Blend

Recommended in the treatment and for prevention of cold as well as in order to improve well-being.

Detox Plus Tea Blend

This tea blend is used as part of a detoxification or purification treatment. The components of this tea have diuretic and ureteral antiseptic effects (goldenrod, lyme-grass, nettle leaf). Diuretic effect speeds the process of detoxification of the body.

Ideal Weight Tea Blend

Combination of six herbs, with mate and green tea. By the combination of our tea mixture we have applied the so called Burgh Law which says that: „if we expediently combine different herbs of same effects (so called herb-association), we reach a stronger effect then applying these herbs individually”.

Inno Rheuma Tea Blend

Consumption of the tea blend is recommended for relieving chronic rheumatic disorders. It has a slight diuretic effect; it relieves symptoms of gout and joint inflammation.

Kidney Protection Tea Blend

This tea blend is efficient in renal protection, in stimulation of renal function and in prevention of repeated renal calculus. 

Liver Protection Tea Blend

Due to its hepatocellular regenerating effect, this tea blend is effective in complementing medicinal therapy of hepatopathy caused by alcoholism, and treatment of liver, bile, stomach and intestinal disorders having different origins.

Mother's Milk Tea

Combined effect of the mixed tea promotes an increase in the production of breast-milk. The components also have antispasmodic effects, improve digestion and bile functions in mother and baby. The mixed tea has a pleasant flavour. It contributes to consumption of the necessary quantity of liquid, too.

PMS Tea Blend

This tea blend decreases premenstrual symptoms (Prae Menstruatio Syndroma). It can be used in order to relieve symptoms occurring in the period before menstruation, to relieve nervousness, irritability, anxiety, changes of mood, headache, distention, oedema, bloating and cramps.

Sedative Tea Blend

The tea blend is efficient in decreasing and stopping restlessness, nervousness, tension, anxiety, depression and insomnia occurring during alcohol detoxification and in other cases on its own or combined with medicinal treatment.

Tea Blend for Digestive Support

Active ingredients of the product ensure improving appetite, digestion and secretion of bile. It has a carminative, antiphlogistic and slight sedative effect, and it also helps the sense of repletion.