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100% Natural Foot Cream for Athletes

The Foot Care Cream softens skin, promotes skin renewal and can be used everyday. It can be used after sports, touring or long day’s physical work for skin care. Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates microcirculation, Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic properties and Lavender Oil leaving your skin fresh. 

Antiperspirant Foot Gel

Discrete foot care. The gel reduces excessive feet perspiration and provides good comfort. Use it to prevent unpleasant foot odor caused by excessive foot perspiration. Contains natural astringent active substances (guajava leaf extract) and refreshing menthol.

Antiperspirant Foot Spray

Its active substances prevent feet perspiration and keeps the feet dry and fresh. Use the spray to avoid unpleasant foot odor. Does not leave stains on socks and stockings.

Cooling Foot Gel with Peppermint Oil

calms, cools, refreshes

Corn Removal Balm

80 percent of people suffer from some kind of foot problem: dry, chapped skin, corn, papilla etc. Painful calluses or corns are often caused by ill-fitting shoes or flat feet. Naturland Corn-removing balm contains salicylic acid to remove the problem safely.

Foot Care Active Gel

With Horse Chestnut extract as its main ingredient, the gel rejuvenates tired legs, refreshes and vitalizes the skin. Reduces the risk of developing edemas and circulatory problems, effective in the treatment of varicose and arterial spider.

Foot Care Cream

Our foot care cream softens skin, promotes skin renewal and can be used everyday. It is especially recommended to relieve foot fatigue and aching feet. Applying it regularly helps preventing calluses and cracked heels. For external use on all skin types.

Heel Care Balm

Softens and moisturizes the dry, thickened and cracked heels. Contains soothing chamomile extract and antibacterial tea tree essential oil in a concentrated moisturizing and emollient base. Regular use will increase the skin's natural renewal process and prevent cracked heels. It can even be used on dry elbows and knees.